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Our Company Nnaemeka Nzekwe POULTRY EQUIPMENT LIMITED undertakes assignment in the field of General Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock, Veterinary and Pest Control, Manager or Technical Assistants. We run turnkey projects in all these areas. These activities fall under one of the following headings..

Continual Advancement

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Hatchery Projects

We provide training, products and services for our customers on; Location of suitable Sites; Design and Construction of hatchery building, Supply of: Day-Old pedigree(Parent) stock, Stand-by generators, Incubators and Spare parts, Fumigators and disinfectants, Egg grading machines, Egg trays, Egg cold storage facilities, Candling machines, Chick boxes, Egg washing machines.

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Feed Mill Projects

- Location of Suitable sites - Feasibility Studies - Supply of Mill equipment and spare parts - Construction of bulk storage silos - Procurement of Raw materials, Concentrates, premixes and Feed additives -Transportation and marketing of finished feeds - Maintenance of equipment - Setting up of management procedures - On-the-job personnel training programmes

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Broiler Production Projects

-Location of suitable sites - Design and Construction of buildings - procurement of day- old broilers - Brooding, rearing equipments - Processing and packaging plants - Cold storage plants - Organized marking networks.

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Egg Production Projects

- Location of suitable sites - Design and construction of buildings - Procurement of day-old chicks - Battery cages - Automatic egg collection devices - Automatic scrapers for waste disposal - Egg washing candling, grading, packing and storage equipment. - Transportation and marketing of eggs.

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Veterinary Services

- Disease control programmes - Marketing of poultry disease vaccines - Marketing of poultry and other livestock drugs and chemical. - Veterinary clinical services - Supplies of Veterinary equipment - Building of Spray races dips and Crushes -Paddocks and loading bays - Feedlots and Grazing reserves

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What people saying about us

  • We never thought of an organization capable of supplying quality poultry equipement in both small and large quantity until we got to know NNPE Limited, since 2011 till date you are still the leader. You are icon for animal science and related services.

    Kalis Technology Inc.

  • We love to patronize Nnaemeka Nzekwe Poultry Equipment because their products of good qualities and very cost effective.


  • NNPE Limited has the key to Vetrinary products, that is why we are proud of her.

    Association of Vets

  • Nnaemeka Nzekwe Poultry Equipment is an Icon in our field of discipline and has been our model full of encouragement. We need more like such.

    University Students


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